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Troxler 3430 Nuclear Density Gauge


Troxler 3430 plus 3440 plus nuclear density gauge:

The Troxler Model 3430 Plus and 3440 Plus nuclear moisture/density gauges have been updated to offer more advanced electronics, updated software and improved features.

Troxler introduces the new and updated versions of the popular gauges which have been offered to customers for many years. The Model 3430 Plus and 3440 Plus gauges have been updated to offer more advanced electronics, updated software, and improved features. These gauges are used for compaction control of soil, aggregate, concrete, and full depth asphalt. These new devices were designed to be very similar to the current nuclear gauges that Troxler customers have become accustomed to, while offering many user-friendly features and some options which are brand new to the industry.

These two models appear very similar to each other, utilizing the same keypad and software, however the 3440 Plus offers many features never before seen on a nuclear gauge.

New features:

  • Larger 4-line x 20-character display screen Powered by rechargeable NiMH batteries or backup alkaline batteries
  • Data storage in both gauges
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Automatic measurement data storage
    3440 Plus offers a remote start keypad, USB data transfer to USB printer or removable (“thumb”) drive, backlit keypad, extra loud beeper and GPS capabilities (optional)
  • Measure the moisture content, density and percent compaction of soils, soil-stone aggregates, concrete, asphalt and other materials that are similar in Density and/or moisture content
  • Moisture, density, and trench offsets to adjust gauge measurements
  • The gauge can store up to 999 test readings for later recall or downloading to a computer. The Model 3440 Plus gauge also allows for data transfer via a USB port utilizing a USB printer or a removable drive.
  • Nomograph method for measurement of asphalt overlays
  • Shipping Weight 38.5 kg w/case